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The Prevention and Treatment of Neck Pain

Yonemoto Physical Therapy published a newsletter “The Prevention and Treatment of Neck Pain” that can be found in the newsletter archives.   Neck pain can present itself in different ways and many different symptoms.  If you suffer from neck pain, learning … Continue reading

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A lot of things come to mind when you hear the word, power. Since we are discussing fitness, I would like to use this word, power, to mean the ability to hold a position in space. What exactly do I … Continue reading

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Safe Exercise for New Moms

Years ago, someone convinced me to run a 5-mile race soon after the birth of my first child. I finished that race in a respectable time but ended up having a hip problem, which still bothers me at times. Even … Continue reading

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Whole Life Balance

In the movie “The Karate Kid,” Mr. Miyagi talks to Daniel-san about balance, but Daniel-san thinks only of body balance. Mr. Miyagi redirects his thinking to include balance in “whole life.” Here are some ideas about balance. POSTURE Avoid a … Continue reading

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Focus of Training

Many sports can benefit from well-integrated approaches to performance, but part of the program should include the basic ability to move. At a seminar to help physical therapists evaluate golfers and improve their performance, I learned the “missing ingredient” might … Continue reading

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Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders

Some disease processes attack connective tissue, such as tissue rejection responses in organ transplants and systemic lupus erythmetosis. Other connective tissue disorders occur in car accidents. Certain physical therapy techniques target this type of tissue and bring relief. Disorders or … Continue reading

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