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Cancer Prevention

Someone in my qigong class recently gave me a handout from John Hopkins stating the latest findings on cancer.  One of the more interesting statements was that every person has cancer cells in their body, which only becomes apparent on … Continue reading

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Decrease Stress with Diaphragmatic Breathing

Consider the frantic pace of life today.  Even if you don’t count freeway traffic, people still have to deal with the demands of maintaining maximum job production, balancing family and social life and keeping afloat in the river of finances. … Continue reading

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Your Magical Mind

Cancer patients have gone into remission by imagining “white knight” cells killing off the cancer cells in their bodies. A group of students significantly increased strength by imagining themselves doing a weight training program without actually lifting the weights. Athletes … Continue reading

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Increase the Body’s Energy Supply

Everyone, these days, seems to lack enough energy. Some people get increased energy from certain foods or movements or when listening to music or doing deep breathing. Asian cultures call energy “chi” which describes the life force. What characterizes “life”? … Continue reading

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Boosting the Immune System

There has been a change in recent years in how patients see illness, health and wellness. In the past, physical therapy patients, in Alhambra and elsewhere, would visit a physical therapist for arthritis pain relief, sciatica, or lower back pain. … Continue reading

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