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Guide to a Youthful Digestive Tract

My friend, Dr. Richard Gorris, from South Dakota was gracious enough to give a nutrition lecture at my office. He used to be an oral surgeon, but developed mercury poisoning as a direct result of his work as a dentist. … Continue reading

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How Healthy is Your Digestion?

I once met an oral surgeon who believed health begins with a good digestive tract and gave me tips on how you can tell how healthy your digestive tract is. Bowel elimination should be fast. By the time you put … Continue reading

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Ripples in the Hands

Sensing Your Body Rhythms When doing treatments, the physical therapist sometimes feels heat, vibration, denseness, coolness, empty spots, torsions or electrical prickles and at other times senses waves of movement, suction, adherence, whirling or solidity. The hands can be trained … Continue reading

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