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Paying Attention to Detail

When I was young, I spent hours practicing handwriting. My goal was to make perfect beautiful letters. I even practiced with my non-dominant hand, thinking if I ever broke my dominant arm, I could easily write with my other hand. … Continue reading

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Is It Magic or Is It IMT?

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a hands-on approach to healing and recovery from a variety of conditions.  One aspect of IMT is the palpation and normalization of biological rhythms in the body.  These rhythms may reflect how the body functions … Continue reading

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Ripples in the Hands

Sensing Your Body Rhythms When doing treatments, the physical therapist sometimes feels heat, vibration, denseness, coolness, empty spots, torsions or electrical prickles and at other times senses waves of movement, suction, adherence, whirling or solidity. The hands can be trained … Continue reading

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