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Cancer Prevention

Someone in my qigong class recently gave me a handout from John Hopkins stating the latest findings on cancer.  One of the more interesting statements was that every person has cancer cells in their body, which only becomes apparent on … Continue reading

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Overall Happiness Contributes to Healing

In a rare Southern California moment, thunder, lightning, and rain clouds hugged the local mountains. At the same time, the sun shone overhead illuminating blue skies and puffy white clouds. In the middle of this panorama, I observed two half … Continue reading

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Getting Inspired in the Face of Adversity

I have reached an age where I now prefer to watch movies that make me laugh or inspire me. I no longer like to be frightened, scared, or angry and am getting less tolerant of violence and tension. I know … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

Everyone goes through life with the intent of making a mark on this world.  How many times have you wanted people to notice you, to appreciate what you’ve done, to make someone smile or laugh, or to be effective with … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

A friend of mine recently returned from India where he says he saw many people with smiling eyes, despite the abject poverty and poor living conditions. Conversely, he notices that many people in the United States have what he describes … Continue reading

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For the young at heart, life remains exciting and full of expectation and unlimited possibilities.  Life becomes a blank sheet of paper with all of creation possible.  One experiences feelings of growth and expansion while shooting for the stars.  What … Continue reading

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Good Thoughts Bad Thoughts

With so many treatments available to us today, how do we evaluate which is best? I take the approach “first do no harm.” Then I make sure permanent, irreversible changes are last (like cutting something out, a permanent tattoo for … Continue reading

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