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Physical Therapy for Athletes

Many athletes use pain as the end point of an exercise workout, measuring their success by degree of soreness. The body gives many signals letting you know you are nearing your safe limits of exercise. You just have to become … Continue reading

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Improving Brain Function

From a Chinese medicine point of view, brain function rests upon the healthy functioning of major organs of the body. There is no easy solution but improving each of your organ systems through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management goes a long way to preventing brain dysfunction. Continue reading

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Moving with Grace

Recently while working with a patient with weakness in her legs, I noticed she tended to “flop down” into the chair. Always looking for efficient ways to incorporate strengthening into daily movements, I suggested she sit without flopping because it … Continue reading

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Diet, Exercise, and Sleep

Diet: To understand what a good diet is, educate yourself about nutrition. Try to read several different books and look for common advice, then determine what works for you. For example, everyone needs to eat a specific combination of different … Continue reading

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Strength Training: No Gain with Pain

Strength training targets muscle.  Basically, it stimulates the body to add more muscle fibers in a muscle unit, thus making it easier to produce more power in a single contraction. Strength training is accomplished by giving the muscle a bigger … Continue reading

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Exercise and Weight Loss

In order for your body to utilize stored fat, you must do aerobic exercise or aerobic activity. This simply means you must do some exercise or activity that burns a lot of oxygen, since a lot of oxygen is needed … Continue reading

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