Living Your Life in Agony or Ecstasy

Good Choice Vs Bad ChoiceEver feel like you’re having to choose between two paths, one leading you to good choices and the other leading to bad ones? Want to start living your life in ecstasy and benefiting from having good health instead of continuing to live life in agony? Then come to this Free Wellness Lecture on how to do just that by reducing inflammation, enhancing all body systems functions, slowing down the aging process and reducing pain.

Join us for this limited time experience on Wednesday, June 10 2015 from 7pm to 8:30pm at Yonemoto Physical Therapy located at 55 S. Raymond Ave, Suite 100, Alhambra CA 91801. Please call (626) 576-0591 to RSVP. Seating is limited. 

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San Marino Presents Summer 2015 Level 1 Qigong

Buddha Tranquility

Qigong is much simpler to do than Tai Chi. You can rid your body of aches and pains with the gentle, low impact movements. It helps to move the vital life force through energy pathways like acupuncture, but without the needles. Qigong also helps with organ function. Come experience how you can improve memory, sleep better and feel happier. 

The Level 1 Qigong class will be from 7pm to 8:30pm on Thursday, June 11, 2015 to Thursday July 16, 2015. The classes will be held at The San Marino Center in the Fireside Room, 1800 Huntington Drive, San Marino CA 91108.

Price for classes are: Residents of San Marino: $104, Non-Residents: $109. To register please contact the City of San Marino Recreation Department at 1560 Pasqualito Drive or call (626) 403-2200 or register online at The class number is 373238-01. The age to take this class is ADULT. For more information please call (626) 403-2200.

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Mother Was Right by Sheila Yonemoto

Book PostureMy mom always told me to sit up and stand up straight. At school, girls walked with a book on their head to practice good posture. Now, after many years of working as a physical therapist, I realize my mother’s wisdom in emphasizing good posture.

Many of my patients hate to hear these words because they bring up a very negative emotional response. Unfortunately, their mothers nagged them with the same words I am now using when I have them stand with their backs against the wall, trying to keep their buttocks, upper back and head lined up. Most of them cannot keep their heads against the wall, and even if I use a rolled up towel they can’t push the roll into the wall. Their chins point upward as their necks extend towards the wall with a hunchback look. Not only does this make you look old, but it reduces your balance, decreases how much air gets into your lungs, causes neck and back pain, shoulder limitations, and possibly even jaw disorders.

bad laptop postures

How Not to Sit While Using Your Laptop by Sharon Jacob

There is a growing problem in the younger community with reliance on cell phones, tablets, and laptops, and even with students’ writing postures. There should be more emphasis on sitting up straight, angling writing surfaces similar to drafting tables, and using larger arm muscles to write in order to prevent fatigue. Using whole body mechanics is more efficient and aesthetically pleasing and results in more beautiful handwriting. I also advocate keeping both feet on the floor for good pelvic alignment, which also prevents high blood pressure, according to my Chinese medicine teacher.

When you sit or stand up straight, try to align your ears with the shoulders. The shoulders should line up with the hips which, if you are standing, should line up with the ankles from a side profile. Start looking at people and see how much their heads go forward. Even a small distance forward can put a big increase in pressure in your lower back disks. Gravity will pull a forward head down, causing more effort by the neck muscles to keep the head from falling forward. This can explain constant soreness and hardness in many people’s neck and shoulders. When the head is aligned and balanced on the neck, almost no muscle power is needed to keep the head perched on the spine.

Sit Up Straight PosterIt takes about 21 days of constant awareness to change a habit, but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded with better health, younger appearance and better organ function.  If you are still responsible for the welfare of children, encourage them to stand up and sit up straight, but please, do it in a way that makes them want to do it for a lifetime. If you are already grown up and have a forward head, don’t despair, many of my patients are doing better! It takes a little work and encouragement but, under the guidance of a good coach, it is well worth the effort.

Sheila Yonemoto, P.T., has been a physical therapist for more than 30 years, specializing in integrative manual therapy, utilizing a holistic approach. She can be reached at Yonemoto Physical Therapy, 55 S. Raymond Ave, Suite 100, Alhambra, CA 91801. Sheila also offers a Qigong “Chinese Energy” exercise class. Your first class is FREE. Call (626) 576-0591 for more information.

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Spring 2015 Level 1 Qigong Class in San Marino

San Marino Recreation presents

Spring 2015 Level 1 Qigong Class

Qigong is much simpler to do than Tai Chi. You can rid yourself of aches and pains with the gentle, low impact movements. It helps to move the vital life force through energy pathways like acupuncture, but without the needles. Qigong also helps with organ function. Come experience how you can improve memory, sleep better and feel happier. 

Sheila Yonemoto will teach the Level 1 Qigong Class. Classes will be from 7 pm to 8:30pm on Thursday April 9, 2015 to Thursday May 14, 2015. The classes will be held at The San Marino Center, Fireside Room, 1800 Huntington Drive, San Marino CA 91108.

The NEW PRICE for the 6 classes is $103 for Residents of San Marino and $108 for Non-Residents. To register please contact the City of San Marino Recreation Department at 1560 Pasqualito Drive or call (626) 403-2200 or register online at To register online please include the class #273238-01 and Age is Adult.

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Sit Up Straight! How a Strong Core Can Help Reduce Knee Problems by Sheila Yonemoto

Sitting Posture

Ways to sit with good and bad posture

Recently I attended a physical therapy seminar focusing on core/trunk stability and was shocked to find that a young, trim, healthy looking woman, who also happened to be a physical therapist, had a very unstable core and back pain. I have also heard of situations with young girls playing very competitive soccer having weak and unstable core muscles. I was dismayed to learn that in 3-4 years, female soccer players have a high percentage of knee injuries. I now feel very strongly that soccer for females should be banned, unless something is done to stop the progression of knee injuries in young girls.

The current culture of using cell phones, tablets, video games, backpacks and other sedentary activities also contributes to poor posture, muscle weakness, muscle imbalances and early onset of arthritis, pain and nerve entrapment. What happened to all the moms and teachers who insisted on sitting up straight, and encouraged getting out and moving? I am seeing 30 year-olds with very slumped postures, having arm pain, jaw pain, neck pain, back pain and headaches.

My optometrist mentioned to me that there is a direct correlation between eye strain and poor trunk tone, strength and posture, due to lack of activity, which often affects a child’s ability to learn. It’s harder to focus the eyes when the trunk can’t stay stable for long periods of time, which is what it is supposed to do, which makes reading more difficult and, ultimately, learning becomes harder.

If this problem affects a young, relatively healthy and more active population, trunk or core instability probably affects many mature adults as well. This can contribute to balance problems, breathing difficulties, incontinence and lower energy levels.

The good news is that something can be done about it. It might take a little work to bring awareness to the muscles that are responsible for keeping us upright, but it will result in using smaller amounts of energy and decreasing degenerative changes in joints. Physical therapists are experts in observing posture and movement and can guide people in getting stronger, moving around more efficiently and decreasing wear and tear on the body. Exercise classes are great for this as well, and getting a customized program to address specific problems is one way to make sure that imbalances are corrected first. Gym classes often focus on the larger movement muscles of the trunk and don’t pay attention to the smaller and less visible postural muscles that work most of the time.

Moms used to say “stand up straight” and sometimes it turned into nagging that left emotional scars. I have to say, mom was right. Instead of rebelling against standing up straight, switch your thinking to developing a good stable core. You will have more energy, look younger, have better balance and may reduce a lot of strain on your knees and your eyes.

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Alternate Phone Number

We have an alternate number to call our clinic. It’s (626) 538-3966, this is the alternate number to call when our main number isn’t working.

To book an appointment, get directions and other information please call us at our alternate number.


Yonemoto Physical Therapy Staff

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February Level 1 Qigong Class

Level 1 Qigong Class

Stacked Stones - balance

Qigong is much simpler to do than Tai Chi. You can rid yourself of aches and pains with the gentle, low impact movements. It helps to move the vital life force through energy pathways like acupuncture, but without the needles. Qigong also helps with organ function. Come experience how you can improve memory, sleep better and feel happier.

The Level 1 Qigong class will be from 11 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday, February 28, 2015 to Saturday, April 4, 2015. The class will be held at Yonemoto Physical Therapy located at 55 S. Raymond Ave. Suite 100, Alhambra CA, 91801.

The NEW PRICE for 6 classes is $105. Price per class is $25. For more information or to sign up please call us at (626) 576-0591.

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Level 1 & 2 Qigong Class in San Marino

The City of San Marino Recreation Department presents…Beginning Qigong (Chi Gong) Level 1 & 2 Class

Taught by Sheila Yonemoto, PT

teal lotus flowerQigong (chi gong) is an ancient Chinese practice that improves health and longevity. Much simpler to do than Tai Chi, you can rid yourself of aches and pains with the gentle, low impact movements. It helps to move the vital life force through energy pathways like acupuncture, but without the needles, and helps improve organ function.  Come experience how you can improve memory, sleep better and feel happier.




San Marino Center, Fireside Room
1800 Huntington Drive
San Marino, CA 91108

Level 1 Qigong Class
Date: January 15, 2015 to February 19, 2015, Thursday (Runs for 6 weeks)
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Price: $103 – Residents, $108 – Non-Residents
Age: Adult

Level 2 Qigong Class
Date: February 26, 2015 to April 2, 2015, Thursday (Runs for 6 weeks)
Tiime: 7pm-8:30pm
Price: $103 – Residents, $108 – Non-Residents
Age: Adult

To Register: Walk-in registration begins January 3, for residents and January 6, for non-residents. To register visit San Marino Recreation located at 1560 San Pasqualito Drive. Register online beginning January 6, at:

For more information call Recreation at (626) 403-2200

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10 Superfoods Healthier Than Kale by Eat This, Not That!

In the world of marketing, image is everything. If you’re James Franco, or Roger Federer, or Taylor Swift, your name and face can be used to sell anything from phones to watches to perfume. Even if you’re not necessarily famous for your tech-savvy, your promptness, or the way you smell.

In the food world, the biggest celebrity of all might be kale, the Shakira of salads, the Lady Gaga of leafy greens. It’s universally recognized that kale anything; kale chips, kale pesto, kale face cream instantly imparts a health halo. Even 7-Eleven is making over its image by offering kale cold pressed juices. And yes, kale has plenty of benefits, including high levels of folate, and more calcium, gram for gram than a cup of milk. (It’s head and shoulders above these items found in our Eat This, Not That! Special Report: “Health” Foods Worse for You Than a Donut.)

Still, kale’s actually not the healthiest green on the block. In fact, in a recent report published by the Centers for Disease Control that ranked 47 “powerhouse fruits and vegetables,” kale placed only 15th (with 49.07 points out of 100 for nutrient density)! Here’s a roundup of the 10 leafy green cousins that researchers say pack a greater nutritional wallop. Read ’em, eat ’em, and reap the benefits.

SUPERFOOD #10 Collard Greens

Nutrition Score: 62.49

A staple vegetable of Southern U.S. cuisine, collard greens also boast incredible cholesterol-lowering benefits, especially when steamed. A recent study published in the journal Nutrition Research compared the effectiveness of the prescription drug Cholestyramine to steamed collards. Incredibly, the collards improved the body’s cholesterol-blocking process by 13 percent more than the drug! Of course, that won’t do you any good if you insist on serving them with ham hocks.

SUPERFOOD #9 Romaine Lettuce

Nutrition Score: 63.48

Even more so than its cousin kale, the humble Romaine lettuce packs high levels of folic acid, a water-soluble form of Vitamin B, that’s proven to boost male fertility. A study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found supplemental folic acid to significantly increase sperm counts. Get the man in your life to start craving Caesar salads, and you may soon have a baby Julius on board. (Ladies, this green packs health benefits for you too! Folate also plays a role in battling depression, so change out your kale for Romaine, and while you’re at it, stock up on these other 8 Foods That Boost Your Mood.)

SUPERFOOD #8 Parsley

Nutrition Score: 65.59

Yes, that leafy garnish that sits on the side of your plate, the one they throw away after you the rest of your meal is a quiet superfood. So packed with nutrients that even that on sprig can go a long way toward meeting your daily requirement for Vitamin K. Moreover, research suggests the summer-y aroma and flavor of chopped parsley may help control your appetite. A study in the journal Flavour found participants ate significantly less of a dish that smelled strongly of spice than a mildly scented version of the same food. Adding herbs, like parsley, creates the sensory illusion that you’re indulging in something rich, without adding any fat or calories to your plate.

SUPERFOOD #7 Leaf Lettuce

Nutrition Score: 70.73

The nutritional Clark Kent of the salad bar, this common and unsuspecting leafy green is ready to take its place among the superfoods. Two generous cups of lettuce provides 100 percent of your daily vitamin K requirement for strong, healthy bones. A report from the Nurse’s Health Study suggests that women who eat a serving of lettuce every day cut the risk of hip fracture by 30 percent than when compared with eating just one serving a week. (What other foods might you be underestimating? Find out which are in your kitchen now in our 6 Surprising Superfoods.)

SUPERFOOD #6 Chicory

Nutrition Score: 73.36

Chicory is a family of bitter greens, but its most well-known member is radicchio, the small red or purple leaf that comes in a head about the size of a softball. It’s one of the best dietary sources of polyphenols, powerful micronutrients that serve a role in preventing disease. A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who consume 650 mg a day of polyphenols have a 30 percent chance at living longer than those who consume less than that. A cup of chicory leaves clocks in at about 235 mg (double that of spinach), so consider adding a little leafy red into your leafy greens.

SUPERFOOD #5 Spinach

Nutrition Score: 86.43

Spinach is to kale what Michael Jordan is to LeBron James. The once unrivaled king now overshadowed by the hot new thing. But like MJ, spinach has a few more championship rings than its more current rival. Primarily its position as a top source of biceps building iron. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a 180 gram serving of boiled spinach provides 6.43 mg of the muscle mineral, that’s more than a 6 oz hamburger patty! Recent research also suggest compounds in the leaf membranes called thylakoids may serve as a powerful appetite suppressant. A recently published long-term study at Lund University in Sweden found that having a drink containing thylakoids before breakfast could significantly reduce cravings and promote weight loss. On average, the women who took the spinach extract lost 5.5 pounds more than the placebo group over the course of three months. (It’s easy to see why spinach tops our list of the essential 8 foods You Should Eat Every Day)

SUPERFOOD #4 Beet Greens

Nutrition Score: 87.08

Yes, the stuff they cut off and throw in the garbage before charging you an arm and a leg for “beet salad.” A scant cup of the bitter green serves up nearly 5 grams of fiber, that’s more than you’ll find in a bowl of Quaker Oats! Researchers at the University of Leeds found that risk of cardiovascular disease was significantly lower for every 7 grams of fiber consumed. Try them in stir frys and eat to your heart’s content!


Nutrition Score: 89.27

Chard, sounds like “burnt.” It’s not as fun a name to drop as say, “broccolini,” but it might be your best defense against diabetes. Recent research has shown that these powerhouse leaves contain at least 13 different polyphenol antioxidants, including anthocyanins, anti-inflammatory compounds that could offer protection from type 2 diabetes. Researchers from the University of East Anglia analyzed questionnaires and blood samples of about 2,000 people and found that those with the highest dietary intakes of anthocynanins had lower insulin resistance and better blood glucose regulation.

SUPERFOOD #2 Chinese Cabbage

Nutrition Score: 91.99

Taking the silver medal in the power food Olympics is Chinese cabbage, also called Napa or celery cabbage. Rich sources of highly available calcium and iron, cruciferous vegetables like the cabbage have the powerful ability to “turn off” inflammation markers thought to promote heart disease. In a study of more than 1,000 Chinese women, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, those who ate the most cruciferous vegetables (about 1.5 cups per day) had 13 percent less inflammation than those who ate the fewest.

SUPERFOOD #1 Watercress

Nutrition Score: 100

The top dog, the unrivaled champion, the chairman of the cutting board, watercress may also be the closest thing yet to a true anti-aging food. Gram for gram this mild-tasting and flowery-looking green contains four times more beta carotene than an apple, and a whopping 238 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin K per 100 grams, two compounds that keep skin dewy and youthful. The beauty food is also the richest dietary source of PEITC (phenylethyl isothiocyanate), which research suggests can figh cancer. Results from an eight week trial published in the American Joural of Clinical Nutrition suggest daily supplementation of 85 grams of raw watercress (that’s about two cups) could reduce DMA damage linked to cancer by 17 percent. Exposure to heat may inactivate PEITC, so it’s best to enjoy watercress raw in salads, cold-pressed juices, and sandwiches.

Article written by Eat This, Not That! Published November 18, 2014

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The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen

Whether you are on a budget and need to prioritize your organic purchases, or you would simply like to know which type of produce has the highest pesticide residues. And which ones don’t have any. The following list is from the Environmental Working Group guide.

12 Most Contaminated
Apples, Celery, Cherries, Grapes (Imported), Lettuce, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Potatoes, Spinach, Strawberries, Sweet Bell Peppers.
12 Least Contaminated
Asparagus, Avocado, Bananas, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kiwi Fruit, Mango, Onions, Papaya, Pineapples, Sweet Corn (Frozen), Sweet Peas (Frozen).
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