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Life is what you make of it. Find your happiness in the moment!

I intend to work as long as I can.  The healthiest and wittiest people I know are active in various enterprises, commercial businesses or community programs.  Conversely, even though they would like to, unhealthy people can’t work.  As a result, I have chosen to be grateful for the opportunity to do my work.  The trick is to find work you enjoy.

I recently received a newsletter announcing passage of a bill called the “Senior Citizens Freedom to Work Act,” which allows people to work past age 65 and not be penalized by having benefits reduced as their earnings increase.  With this bill, people will probably be working longer, making it necessary for them to maintain better health.  I also read about some very active working seniors, 70- 90 years old, who were operating home businesses or still employed.

If the majority of folks who reach age 65 still need to or would like to continue working, they will have to take better care of their health to remain competitive in the workplace.  Those who decide to retire at age 65 will also need good health in order to enjoy their retirement.  Here are some suggestions you can use to help you lead a long, healthy and productive life.

  1. Choose a path in life that brings you joy.  Those who work at jobs they hate have lots of physical ailments, in addition to being unhappy.
  2. If you can’t choose an ideal path, change your attitude about what you’re doing and make it more enjoyable.  Physical ailments will decrease and the joy of life will return.
  3. Make learning a lifetime habit.  People who continue to learn tend to improve their lives enhancing their survival potential and ultimate happiness.
  4. Eat sensibly, get adequate rest and do some form of pleasurable exercise.
  5. Quit subjecting yourself to negative influences, i.e. unhealthy relationships, reading newspapers or watching the news.  (A media expert estimated today’s news is 80% negative.)
  6. Work towards balance in your life, taking time for yourself, especially if you are a care-giver.
  7. Work to make this a better world.  Smile more often, grow flowers, or teach someone a skill to improve their life.
  8. Count to 10 before acting out of anger.  Glare into your palms and imagine the anger going out your feet.

Life is what you make of it.  Find your happiness in the moment!

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